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RadioSistemi, that has recently merged with MT – Mikrotek Engineering, offers an expansive selection of RC Cars, Engines and Parts. RadioSistemi manufactures the best RC Cars, RC Engines, RC Bodies and Parts, fully Made in Italy.

Mikrotek Engineering

SVM TRADE MARK RS re-launches the Iconic Carsports Brand that spans nearly a half century

SVM arguably the world’s best car manufacturer that had been helding a record for the most event victories, having won many times. Born from 1970’s onwards, today the whole range of SVM Racing model are produced by RadioSistemi.

MT ENGINEERING New concept of making RC competition Engines and Accessories

MT/RS offers a large selection of RC engines and parts to improve your RC race! As a true Italian heritage brand, we pride ourselves on quality and innovation, delivering high quality results rather than following short-term fads like so many other brands that fail to deliver.

Mikrotek Engineering